Saturday, March 6, 2010

Home again

I love looking under these fresh blow overs to see what is unveiled. One blow over had a big rock under it that had been covered for years by a thin layer of soil and roots.
As you can see, this tree is leaning on another and this is true through out the woods. It makes me wonder if they will make their final descend in the next big wind.

This is also what the trails were looking like. MUD! Thank goodness for Muck Boots. There was no other way to walk the trails without them. Sometimes it was unavoidable and I would have to plow on through. And then there was the danger of slipping and I did more then once! I had more then one muddy knee or even better, muddy rear end! The trails are drying up now especially as the climb steepens.

This picture is the one the blow down on Cathedral Woods Trail. I think there is 6 trees all total in this mess. The woods behind it look like pick up sticks. Chaco and I managed to pick our way around the trees, stumps and brush.

Well I am back from a world wind trip to inshore, or in this case off Island. The difference this time is that I was inshore in Bristol Mills, (you pass through this little town on your way to The Hardy Boat), and off Island because night two I was on North Haven. North Haven is an Island off of Rockland where my son, Jack, goes to High School. Jack was the Sound man in a One Act Play that the whole High School participated in, all 17 of them! It was fun and witty and everyone did a fantastic job.

The trees you see above are a blow down that borders a yard, just one of many, many blow downs we had here on the Island. Every trail that I have been on has work to be done. Some of the trails like Cathedral Woods has a big area that blocks the trail. I think I have walked them all except a few on the North side which I am planning to do tomorrow.
I have now learned to write under the pictures. Next, lets see if I can put them in chronological order!!


  1. Hi Lisa! I am so happy you have a blog! I can never get enough of Monhegan! Your pictures are fantastic, and I love to hear what you have to say.
    What better place to observe the power of the weather. I LOVE the fogbow, and always love the pictures of the skies.
    And it's so nice to hear what Jack is up to.
    Looking forward to the nest post!

  2. Thanks for the pics, Lisa. Congrats on the buoy and toggle. We found a beautiful one last summer in Christmas Cove. My, there are a lot of blowdowns. I feel bad for Fred and Matt. Wish I was big and strong, but most of all that I had the time to go help get them cleared before summer. Ah, well. Their work is much appreciated. It sounds like no one's homes were damaged at all. Maybe a byproduct of fire prevention efforts? Well, thanks again. Take care.