Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stormy Weather

The calm before the storm...
I took a walk the 14th of March and this is how the storm treated Monhegan. It was a typical Nor'easter. This storm lasted 2 days and the surf was high for 3. I will post the day 3 pictures later. Many of the pictures had to be deleted for water drops, sea spray on the lens or the contrast between the sky and surf blend. The camera captures the gist of the raw emotion the ocean is expressing but in no way captures the real emotion that a storm like this brings out in this person taking the pictures. I hope you enjoy these
Brant Geese taking cover in the harbor

The meadow is so full that the little pond area by the Vaughan house has expanded

This is Gull Pond, the waves were crashing over flooding the pond

The following pictures show the action there


Looking towards Whitehead

This wave overtook Whitehead, I couldn't believe my eyes!

I couldn't resist....

Gull Rock

Whitehead again

://"> Gull Rock, sea mist and the trails of sea water that created waterfalls after a wave goes over Gull Rock

More waterfalls

A wave had just crashed over Gull Rock, again...

This is what it looks like underneath one of those waves! Needless to say, I got soaked!

Boars Head, Here it comes

Where did it go?

Ahhh, there it is, notice the trails of water

Gull Rock

Gull Rock Ledge, you never see this on a calm day. I need to find out how many fathoms (feet) it is, I'll let you know

Any one know what these birds are? They are usually out on the Duck Rocks and I see them when we are lobstering there. When they fly they all fly in unison and you see a lot of white. At least I believe these are the same birds.

wet but happy doggie

Near Mostels



  1. THANK YOU Lisa!! While taking the shots of Gull Rock from Gull Pond area, weren't you concerned about getting broad-sided when you weren't looking? Fantastic viewpoint!

  2. you are a good photographer. I almost can smell the salt, the seaplants and feel the wind and water in the face.