Friday, March 12, 2010


This rock has roots growing around it and is a victim of a blowdowna few weeks ago.

Looking towards Calves Cove
Chacos Island

There it is..... the buoy....
My toggle says Chaco
It doesn't get any better then this!!

Today, March 12th, the Island woke up to fog. The first fog since winter set in. The sun is trying to burn through but I can't see Manana yet. It is a sure sign of spring yet it has been spring here most of February and March. The grass is turning green, the snowdrops have been out for three weeks and other green plants are poking through the seaweed compost people use to cover their gardens.

It was a busy week on Monhegan at the school. Wednesday night was Bingo night. It was fairly busy considering what few people that are here. It was a good time with everyone in good humor, joking and laughing. The school kids are the callers and they had to keep repeating the numbers because the adults had a hard time containing themselves!

The following day at school was BIOME Day. The children all had different areas they covered complete with food webs, paper mache animals, backgrounds made to resemble the area they covered, costumes and face paint of the animal they represented. They did a fabulous job. I learned a lot about the subjects each one covered. The different BIOME areas were the Monsoon Forest, The Tundra, The Grasslands, The Rain Forest, and the Temperate Forest. The teachers and kids should be very proud of all their work.

In my boredom of unemployment I have been walking a lot. Chaco has really made out! Yesterday I went to Deadmans Cove to rescue a buoy and toggle that I noticed there a few days ago. I had to wait for low tide and then I had to climb over seaweed covered rocks, hoping not to slip and wade in water that was hopefully not over my boots! The water is so clear right now it is hard to tell. Then I had to make sure once I was in the water that the small waves that was slowing ebbing to and fro did not go over my boots. (I wasn't too well prepared) After doing all this I couldn't reach the buoy so I went up to the head of the cove and found an old runner from a lobster trap. It still had the rubber on it (this attaches the runner to the wire trap with nails, screws, staples) but it was only hanging on by one staple so it created a hook! Ah ha! So back out I went and slipping and sliding I went out again with success! I am now the proud owner of another adventure of foolishness! Not to mention a buoy and toggle with rope.


  1. Lisa,

    This is a great blog. The pictures are amazing and your writing style is so you. It is very much your voice I hear. Hopefully I'll get a chance to pay a visit this summer. Keep up the great work. -Bernadette

  2. Lisa:
    These pictures are great,have tried to get some surf when we have been out but never have had a bad storm,loking forward to our visit